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Hey Guys! I think that many of you will find this interesting and useful!
So, as I heard, every acc file you download from Beatport etc, is coded with DRM. As you download your songs to windows platform, and then copy this files to your gig laptop - mac, the DRM disappears due to some "technical" stuff. The same thing is while you backup your music library into external drive. NOW, The problem appears for example in Poland. The police is controlling some of the clubs in order to find the illegal downloaded music, and thats okej. But, sometimes while checking music on your computer, they can't find drm due to issues when you copy music from your computers or back up. That puts you in extreme situation because you don't have any evidence to protect your rights!

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  • raz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I will really like a post about stuff like this.
    it will be nice having a "proffesional dj rights and duties".
    it would be verry helpfull for starters like me, to know STEP BY STEP, what i have to do from home practice to be playing at a party (and being payed for it).
    things like:
    - paying the rights for the music you will use (how,where,etc.).
    - how much you should be payed and how (by houer, night, month, % of customers, etc(
    - know you'r involvement level (in "legal terms") with the disco/club/party where you are playing your music in...

    i´m talking about the most general stuff ofc, the most common things that can happen and that new commers cant possibly know untill they face it.

  • Lukas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes indeed it happens, for instance in Poland. During the night the police can go thru your CD collection and check them with their computer or plug in usb device which scans your music library.

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