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Bad stability on Serato DJ and Windows PCs

This would be EPIC.

It is widely accepted as fact that a professional should be on a Mac and not a PC for Serato (or DJn in general). Most forums asking for PC help receive the solution "Go Buy A Mac".

But is this right? Should this be the accepted norm? is not Serato made for PC and Mac?

Myself and other PC users across the world would love a spotlight shined on the years poor PC development. For example, Serato Video runs horrible on PC but great on a Mac due to the way Serato uses the GPU on Mac vs PC.

Another great example is how extremely slow the all new SDJ Pro 2.03 analyzes MP4s on PC. It could take DAYS to analyze a mixed library.

How can they continue to push their product as reliable for both platforms when they know they are not?

Its about time that a responsible DJ News outlet such as yourself draw attention to the unfair treatment PC users get VS Mac users when it comes to Serato.

Perhaps with the right attention, a change in the industry to better PC development for Serato can begin. They truly are getting away with a lot of money but for some reason can't address issues in the PC environment or continue to develop the program using Mac Standards.

Please write an article about this and get some attention drawn to a real issue!

Thank You for your time



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