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New Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand - DJ use?

Hi guys, my name is James Olander, and I was clobbered today by a Denver-based DJ who said I have to show the DJ community the laptop stand I just launched on Kickstarter, and he gave me your website.

I originally designed "The Roost" to be ultra portable and sturdy, it weighs 5oz, is made of carbon fiber and an engineering grade plastic, Delrin (guitar picks are made of this). I designed it get the laptop screen as high as physically possible off your desk, did this for ergonomic reasons, whole story is in the KS video.

What makes this stand different than any previous laptop stand is that your laptop doesn't actually "sit" on it. The laptop literally clips into the Roost by bottom of laptop screen, making it incredibly stable.

In action:

How high your laptop goes: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/640/000/8fd3806bbba8ed9cb8caf0f504837b79_large.png?1370208567

Here is KS campaign:

I'm not too sure of specific design requirements DJs would need, but happy to answer any questions on the design/use of the Roost.

All the best,

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