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DJ's Top 10 whishlist or feature/bug request for Traktor Pro software?

Off course Native Instruments has done a great job till so far in making cutting edge breakthrough software.

But at this moment I have the idea the they put a lot of investments and development time in making all kinds of gear and toys that is not benefitting the Pro-DJ's all the time. Too much time and investment go to these new gear if you ask me...

The downside is that their flagship software (and tool where DJ's spent most of their time with, that is Traktor Pro software) is not getting much attention anymore...

If you ask me the software is still missing some major important features and is also very buggy on some points, e.g.;

1) When updating rating in iTunes, these are not updated in Traktor (not even after a consistency check or re-import)
2) It is very time consuming to maintain iTunes playslists in Traktor (you have to update them one by one every time and can not import a whole three at once)
3) Using playlists in Traktor and move tracks around is very buggy and tricky.

And so on...

In other words; i think it's time to have some public opinion about this and put a little pressure on Native to keep mainainting this important thing also an make excisting popele happy.

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