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    raz commented  · 

    I will really like a post about stuff like this.
    it will be nice having a "proffesional dj rights and duties".
    it would be verry helpfull for starters like me, to know STEP BY STEP, what i have to do from home practice to be playing at a party (and being payed for it).
    things like:
    - paying the rights for the music you will use (how,where,etc.).
    - how much you should be payed and how (by houer, night, month, % of customers, etc(
    - know you'r involvement level (in "legal terms") with the disco/club/party where you are playing your music in...

    i´m talking about the most general stuff ofc, the most common things that can happen and that new commers cant possibly know untill they face it.

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